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Psionics are semi-transparent to magic. This means that psionics and regular magic intermingles, but some effects or immunities may have a different outcome depending on the power source.

A rule of thumb is "treat as if magic with +10 DC" and vice versa for psionics.

  • Power resistance works against magic, but is reduced by 10 (so PR 17 becomes SR 7)
  • Spell resistance works against psionics, but is reduced by 10 (so SR 17 becomes PR 7)
  • Dispel magic takes a -10 penalty to its rolls against psionic effects.
  • Dispel psionics takes a -10 penalty to its rolls against magic effects.
  • Anti-magic fields/dead magic zones have a 50% chance of affecting a psionic items or effect.
  • Null psionic fields have a 50% chance of affecting a magical item or effect.
  • Detect magic does not detect psionics.
  • Detect psionics does not detect magic.


Magic immunity and psionic immunity still leaves small vulnerabilities for the other type. Thus a creature immune to magic may still be slightly susceptible to psionics and vice versa.

Not that some creatures may have magic and psionic immunity.


Psicraft and Spellcraft can be interchanged, but with a -10 when used for the other field. While they intermingle, the power source of each field is alien enough that it can be hard to interpret without proper focus.